Superdiffusive random laser

28 Jun 2019  ·  Tommasi Federico, Fini Lorenzo, Martelli Fabrizio, Cavalieri Stefano ·

The peculiar characteristics of random laser emission have been studied in many different media, leading to a classification of the working regimes based on the statistics of spectral fluctuations. Alongside such studies, the possibility to constrain light propagation by L\'evy walks, i.e. with a `heavy-tailed' distribution of steps, has opened the opportunity to investigate the behavior of a superdiffusive optical gain medium, that can lead to a "superdiffusive random laser.".. Here, we present a theoretical investigation, based on Monte Carlo simulations, on such a kind of medium, focusing on the widespread presence of fluctuation regimes, that, in contrast to a diffusive random laser, appears very hard to switch off by changing the gain and scattering strength. Hence, the superdiffusion appears as a condition that increases the value of the threshold energy and promotes the presence of fluctuations in the emission spectrum. read more

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Optics Chaotic Dynamics Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability