Table-top NMR system for high-pressure studies with in-situ laser heating

20 Sep 2019  ·  Meier Thomas, Dwivedi Anand Prashant, Khandarkhaeva Saiana, Fedotenko Timofey, Dubrovinskaia Natalia, Dubrovinsky Leonid ·

High pressure Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is known to uncover behavior of matter at extreme conditions. However, significant maintenance demands, space requirements and high costs of superconducting magnets render its application unfeasible for regular modern high pressure laboratories... Here, we present a table-top NMR system based on permanent Halbach magnet arrays with dimensions of 25 cm diameter and 4 cm height. At the highest field of 1013 mT, 1H-NMR spectra of Ice VII have been recorded at 25 GPa and ambient temperature. The table-top NMR system can be used together with double sided laser heating set-ups. Feasibility of high-pressure high-temperature NMR was demonstrated by collecting 1H-NMR spectra of H2O at 25 GPa and 1063(50) K. We found that the change in signal intensity in laser-heated NMR diamond anvil cell yields a convenient way for temperature measurements. read more

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Applied Physics Instrumentation and Detectors