Testing thermal conductivity models with equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of the one component plasma

22 Aug 2019  ·  Scheiner Brett, Baalrud Scott D. ·

Equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations are used to calculate the thermal conductivity of the one component plasma (OCP) via the Green-Kubo formalism over a broad range of Coulomb coupling strength, $0.1\le\Gamma\le180$. These simulations address previous discrepancies between computations using equilibrium versus nonequilibrium methods... Analysis of heat flux autocorrelation functions show that very long ($6\times10^5\omega_p^{-1}$) time series are needed to reduce the noise level to allow $\lesssim2\%$ accuracy. The new simulations provide the first accurate data for $\Gamma \lesssim 1$. This enables a test of the traditional Landau-Spitzer theory, which is found to agree with the simulations for $\Gamma \lesssim 0.3$. It also enables tests of theories to address moderate and strong Coulomb coupling. Two are found to provide accurate extensions to the moderate coupling regime of $\Gamma \lesssim 10$, but none are accurate in the $\Gamma \gtrsim 10$ regime where potential energy transport and coupling between mass flow and stress dominate thermal conduction. read more

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Plasma Physics