Wave breaking onset of two-dimensional wave groups in uniform intermediate depth water

13 Mar 2017 Saket Arvin Peirson William L. Banner Michael L. Allis Michael J.

Using the same measurement techniques as those of Saket et al. (2017), we have investigated the breaking threshold proposed by Barthelemy et al. (arXiv:1508.06002v1, 2015b) but for different classes of unforced unidirectional wave groups in intermediate water depths in the laboratory. The threshold parameter $B_x = U_s/C$ (where $U_s$ is the horizontal surface water particle velocity at the wave crest and $C$ is the wave crest point speed) which distinguishes breaking from non-breaking waves was found to be 0.835 $\pm$ 0.005 with the experimental uncertainty of each data point of $\pm$ 0.020... (read more)

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